23 July 2012

Run up to National Day of the Cowboy

Saturday sees the 8th National Day of the Cowboy which aims to honour and preserve the Pioneer spirit and Cowboy culture. On the run-up to the big day my friend and ex rodeo rider Shotgun Bo Rivers is hosting a series of articles written by Western writers who specialise in both fiction and non-fiction.

It kicks off today with an overview by Matthew Pizolato Please go and show your support.

Later today your very own Tyler Brentmore springs into the saddle... It's now Live. Come visit and discuss Celebrating the Skills & Protecting the Dream.

See you across there to throw a few Tweets (it's less noisy than horseshoes).

1 comment:

  1. Got to love your humor in the horseshoes. Wonderful announcement. Hats off to the cowboy.
    -Bo Rivers