9 February 2012

Launch Day!

Dead Men's Fingers launches today as an ebook for the Kindle. A fast-paced Western in the classic style, it has previously seen bookstore shelves in both hardback and softback large print. Now it finds a larger readership via digital technology. E-Pub format for the Nook, Kobo, Sony and iPad will follow shortly.

The novella (35,000 words) follows widower Jed Longman who signs to a company of wagons to take his three sons to a better life out West. But trouble keeps snapping at his heels. There’s the persistent Mrs Harris with her school ma’am attitude so contrary to her fancy coach-guns, then the threat of fever, then the ruthless killer Baddell determined to haunt him and his into an unmarked grave. Sometimes a family man has to remember how to stand alone.

Enjoy. More are due at the staging post.

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